Advice From a Different Kind of Bed Company

Frequently Asked Questions

~ Is a firm mattress best for my back?

There is a difference between support and a firm feel. What you really want is good support for your back, but also a comfortable feel. And comfort is your personal preference. The middle layers in a mattress provide support, and the top layers give you the comfortable feel for a good night’s sleep.

~ Who buys an adjustable bed?

If you are more comfortable sleeping in a recliner than you are sleeping in a flat bed, then you might want to consider an adjustable foundation. It gives you the ability to elevate your head and / or knees. Raising the knees or the foot of the bed helps relieve pressure on your lower back. Some people also like to raise the head to help relieve acid reflux. And others just love relaxing in their beds to watch tv or read.

~ So many mattresses to choose from, how can I make the right decision?

Ask to try out a firm feel, a plush feel and a pillow top mattress to figure out which comfort feels best to you. Then ask to lay on other mattresses that have that same comfort feel. Try to lie on the mattress for 5 to 10 minutes. You won’t feel self-conscious about it, because we won’t hurry you along or pressure you in any way. Also, always ask about a comfort guarantee.

~ What if we get our mattress home, and after a week we hate it?

We do have a comfort guarantee – we want you to come back to the store, and we are happy to work with you to find the “just right” mattress for you. Don’t feel bad, it can happen to anyone. . . . We will make it right . . . . We want you to love your mattress 🙂