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Thanks be to God for all his amazing gifts, and Merry Christmas to all of you. (We will be closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day)God Bless each of you in 2019

Mattress Questions-Ask The Expert, Part 2

Mattress Questions, Part 2 What is a hybrid mattress? What is an organic mattress? Which mattress will last the longest? If you haven't tried the new technolgies in mattress construction, stop into our showroom, where you can lay on all the latest and greatest mattresses and test out the feel
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Mattress Questions-Ask The Expert, Part 1

Frequently Asked Mattress Questions: Is it possible that my mattress is making me tired? Could allergies be a problem with my mattress, could that effect my health? Is a foam mattress better for your back? A Better Bed, A Better You: See what makes The Bedroom Company Traverse City’s top
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The Latest And Greatest in Adjustable Foundations

There are basically 3 options when you purchase an adjustable foundation: ~Head Up Only: You can elevate the head up to 65 degrees. This is great for relaxing in bed, reading, watching TV - whatever you do in bed. Also can help reduce snoring, and helps people suffering from many
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Advice From a Different Kind of Bed Company

Frequently Asked Questions ~ Is a firm mattress best for my back? There is a difference between support and a firm feel. What you really want is good support for your back, but also a comfortable feel. And comfort is your personal preference. The middle layers in a mattress provide
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